like the watery knife that divides the landscape

in soggy Elora where the

windows are small patches of fire

or Belleville where the plangent 

trains echo like dark metal hulks 

through small hours

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Daehyun Kim
Between the lines, 2014


Daehyun Kim

Between the lines, 2014

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untitled by Džesika Devic on Flickr.


untitled by Džesika Devic on Flickr.

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Amanda WilliamsThere Is A Past Tense, 2006


Amanda Williams
There Is A Past Tense
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Richard Aldrich

Richard Aldrich

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Alison Black
Basquiat, 2010.


Alison Black

Basquiat, 2010.

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Egon Schiele, Totes Mädchen (detail), 1910


Egon SchieleTotes Mädchen (detail), 1910

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Tell me that I’m dreaming, Ethan Murrow


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omfgg this is the greatest thingnever


omfgg this is the greatest thingnever

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High Grade

Try to be aware of what’s actually going on

outside the walls of the standardized, authoritarian thought constructs we’re always graded within. 

The Human mind and human soul are fluid 

and cannot be frozen and examined by any force or measured by any parameters 

none exist capable of taking into account the proper variables, immeasurable in quantity and vast in scope. 

This act can only deter progress in the individual and in society with it’s ineptitude. 

Potentiality itself is a weak metaphor relying on archaic linear notions of time. 


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sit spectral con pocket cobbles

of ached out dream gravel

to grin white powder grinding down the line

torturous crawl

a gripping arm

frost wire lightning

spectacular discharge onto the weeping street 

don’t move - your mind - static flora sprouting up

on your thighs and little florets winking with time lapse envy little

moss coloured patches I don’t move

they spread out and soon

I’m covered completely in little green florets 

and little green men with remarkably sharp knives

little women with sharp tongues - too

all too disguised to love - all in shells racing in a painted circle on the ground

while glazed jamaicans scream and throw bills and the red crab won

so I lost 20 bucks

I lost a little but a spill still holds some artistic merit in terms of symbolism so

technically energy was neither lost nor gained

I didn’t have any desire to sink my fingers into a warm purple silly putty heart exposed so obviously

and out the window past the smokers below and past the patchy lawns and pitted etobicoke roads the lake heaved a temporary mountain range of cloud up and out onto the horizon 

full of muted violence the blur of grey sun hit my eyes but the blood rush was still happening and all I saw was the purple infrastructure of inner lid

rubato crepuscule drawn

with a dull pencil onto the wall 

I want you inverted, to release your anxiety like smoke 

but there’s no magic left in the cup

and that’s some basic shit 


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One For Liam

The day was a moving sidewalk reminding me

of the colors that seem to inhabit every old photograph

dark, blurred, and sloppy and unrefined like we were at the time

the light was a moving sidewalk to tell me

that I would have been hearing

the same godly sounds of speaking leaves 

brought to life in april 

the release climbed in through my window 

(enough heroin in the air to make you sick)


stirred by dots of light

sick little orange pricks in black dominance 

against the inevitable 

younger me would have slunk up the street at this hour

pissed into the street with an angry grin at approximately this time


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